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Luk - 2011-08-02, 12:50
Post subject: Signups & League participation in 2nd Season
Signups are closed, but if some of you want to still play, there is a chance to do it. You can either replaces someone(if someone resigned) or sign for a free spot(if there is any). This option however is open till the end of 3rd round. You can announce yourself in this thread:


This thread will be open from 6th of August till 20th((24:00 CET). After that, you can only replace the players that already signed up(and resigned afterwards), OR if there are still some free spots left.

There will be limit of 40 people for the league, but people from the league have priority over newcomers. So even if there is 50 people signed up and there is new 51st person on the list, that person will skip all the newcomers who signed for the league before him and will be in the final 40 for new season if that person played in previous season, so keep that in mind. Just because you're number 39, or 40 doesn't mean you will play, because there might be some league participants from previous season who will skip by you if they sign after you!!! Anybody who will be pushed to over 40 number will be a reserve, and will have to wait untill someone resignes, or untill someone is removed from the league. So DON'T wait with your post, cause you might miss the season because of it.

People from reserve will not be entering into free slots by order(49th person has the same chances as 41st). Once there is free opening, it's the jungle right - who's first, that person gets it. Also, being on reserve does not give you guarantee that you will get that spot. The only advantage the reserve list gives you, is that you have 24 hours(since resignation of someone, or since that person was removed) before others can sign for it and that I MIGHT(that's not certainty) send mass pm to all of you on reserve list, so that you know there is opening. After 24 hours if nobody from reserve list claimed it, then anybody can have it, either from reserve list or outside.

Season timeperiod: 27th August - 14th October

This thread is for all the people(including the ones who already play!!!!!!!) who want to participate in 2nd season. The people who played in 1st season must make sure, that they confirm their participation. Otherwise they will be removed from the whole competition alltogether which can be a tragedy for people from for instance SerieA ;-)


League Rules for 2nd season are here:
Everybody should read them, cause there were some vital changes!!!

Here is a short list of some changes in rules, but again... you MUST read them in full to understand perfectly how the league works.
1. The format of the league changed. We won't have more than 1 group in each tier. So no SerieB1 and B2, or C1 and C2. Every tier will have just 1 group of 8 people, and we'll have SerieA, SerieB, SerieC, SerieD and so on. Top player gets promoted 2 tiers up, 2 others 1 tier up. Bottom player gets relegated 2 tiers down. For more details look into points number 5 and 9 of the rules.
2. There is no "noshow" granted for 6th and 7th round matches. The reason for it, is that we want the league to finish with the end of 7th week.
3. In case player A is active, and tries to contact player B, but player B is not answering PM's for 3 first days of the round(so saturday, sunday and monday), player B looses "no show" on TUESDAY 0:00 if only player A wrote about it in the no show thread, between tuesday 0:00 and the end of that round(so before Saturday 0:00 CET). This rule was changed, so that there are less of the cases, when person sends other pm's for the whole week, only for other person to come on thursday evening and say that person can play on friday. This isn't fair, and so it was changed so that it benefits the more active player.
4. There are 7 classes of teams instead of just 4; With every round 1 class will be added for team picks
5. You can post results before their rounds start
6. If you left the match and don't want to finish playing it, you lose by walkover 0-10
7. The screenshot is not necesary but is highly ADVISED, as it's the only proof you have of the result.
8. When there is a draw, either player can post the result.
9. There is a way for person to skip past 1 season and not lost his high position in the league. For more check point number 17 in rules.

Every new person who wants to participate must write here his nickname, and ALSO everybody from the previous season who wants to stay in the league(especialy if he wants to skip this season but play in the next!!!) must confirm their participation. Same thing -> just write your nickname.

Check your location in a profile. It must be stated there, clearly, as people wants to know against who(lags) they play. Put country first. So for example, if you would be from Milano, you could put "Italy", or "Italy, Milano" but always country first!

If you want to play in the league you must MAKE SURE that you can host a room when you play. If you host a room, and you get black screen afterwards(UDP 5739 blocked), you can't participate, cause if there were 2 people like that, then you couldn't play eachother as both have the same problem.

Our league is open ONLY for the people from Europe. Sorry to be that strict, but the lags are an issue, and most of the players here are from Europe so they must be prioritized. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that if there is a group of people from say south america, or north america, that they can't make the league of their own over here. You are more than welcome to do so, and I can even make a subsection(like for FA, or CL Cups) for that purpose, just contact me.

Also, just because someone is from Europe doesn't mean they can play too. If their connection is TOO BAD than I'm sorry, but they won't be allowed to play the league either.

Most important info for you about the league is that in each season, every match will last for 20 minutes, and there will be 7 weeks with 2 games(home and away against same opponent) a week.

The people will be spread across serieA, B, C and so on. We start with SerieA ofcourse and then go down to SerieB, C, D and E. Priority for the selection have the people who already played in previous season. After they are drawn to according groups, the new people will be drawn in order of their post in this thread. The sooner you post, the higher you will be in the league. The longer you wait, the more chance you will end up at the lowest SerieE, or even not end up at all!!! (Reserve list) So don't wait and signup as soon as possible.

This is what you can win for the 3 first places in SerieA:

If you win promotion to SerieA, either from 1st spot in SerieC, or first from SerieB you get this medal:

If you win promotion from first spot in SerieE and D, you get this medal:

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//I won't play this season. Coming back for the next one

Prz3m3k - 2011-08-07, 06:36

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Luk - 2011-08-12, 04:46

20 places left.

Don't miss your chance. Remember!!! This season there is limit of 40 people to play. All the newcomers who will signup after that number(first we pick people from previous season though!!!) will become backups.

Gratuzo - 2011-08-12, 05:41

21. Gratuzo
gecko - 2011-08-12, 11:29

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Jakuchu - 2011-08-15, 11:12

22. Jakuchu
betoo123 - 2011-08-15, 15:01

Luk - 2011-08-15, 15:05

betoo123 wrote:

Only for guys from Europe as explained in first post.

Sorry beto :/

Luk - 2011-08-16, 12:47

Just 3 days left to officialy signup, for all of those who are interested.

If there will be less than 32 people, then we'll make just 4 groups instead of 5, and will leave the remaining spots in SerieD as free, till the end of 3rd round.

JMK7 - 2011-08-16, 21:03

23. JMK7
exical12 - 2011-08-17, 11:08

24. exical12
facjo - 2011-08-18, 12:25

25. facjo
Luk - 2011-08-18, 13:28

Only 1 day left of our official signings. With facjo, we will do just 4 groups, which means there are 7 spots free left.

facjo wrote:
25. facjo


bakel - 2011-08-19, 15:24

26. bakel

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